When Luana Heidemann, health coach, visited my workplace, the last thing I expected was to learn I had a health problem. When she checked my blood pressure, she found that it was 140 over 120 and rising. At the end of the day, it hadn’t gone down so Luana encouraged me to reach out to my primary care provider.

I went to my doctor’s office immediately and found that my blood pressure was 180 over 146. They wanted to hospitalize me, but I was the main caregiver for my dying mother and begged them to give me an alternative. They gave me medications and sent me home.

Luana continued to check my blood pressure daily for the remainder of the week she was onsite and met with me for health coaching sessions. During our meetings, she explained the importance of getting enough rest, water, and exercise. She also helped me come to terms with my mother’s condition. Luana and I stay connected and she checks in on me.

Luana is my savior. I now get my blood pressure checked once a week, take my medications, drink more water, and go for walks. My overall health is much better. I’m not as drained, I no longer get severe headaches or pains in my chest, and I feel less stressed. I’ve learned that as busy as you may be, you should always participate in health fairs or go to your annual doctor’s visits. You never know when they may save your life.