During my first visit to the CEBT Health & Wellness Center at Loveland to treat pink eye, Meagan Johnston, FNP, noted my high blood pressure and recommended I schedule a visit to discuss the issue. My primary physician had previously mentioned my blood pressure was high but made no suggestion to address it. I was ready to learn what I needed to do when Meagan offered to help me take action.

This is where my story became our story. At the center, I was met by a genuine, caring team with just the right mix of knowledge, experience, and compassion. Their approach was holistic. They shared that positive changes to nutrition, exercise, habits, and lifestyle choices would benefit my health.

So far, I have lost almost 20 pounds, and I’m working toward losing 30 more pounds. My muscle tone and cardio health have improved from a regimen of machine exercise, swimming, and bicycling. I also joined the center’s first yoga class. Perhaps my greatest area of health improvement is my positive attitude toward these challenges, which I attribute to Meagan’s upbeat outlook. I know I would not have started this journey if she had just treated my issues with medication and sent me on my way.

As a school staff member, access to the CEBT Health & Wellness Centers is free, but having a team of clinicians who care about you as an individual is priceless. I wouldn’t be on this journey in such a positive mindset if it wasn’t for the team at the Loveland center.