When I got sick with a bad cough, I decided to visit the Marathon Health & Wellness Center. During my visit, Kari Doohen, MA, and Chris-Ann Lauria, NP, encouraged me to schedule a free biometric screening, Comprehensive Health Review, and annual physical. I want to live to be 100 years old like my auntie, so I took their advice.

I first had a lung and prostate cancer screening that showed abnormal results, but were caught early. I also tested positive for Hepatitis C, which shocked me. Chris-Ann and Kari sat down with me and explained the results, ordered more tests, and referred me to a liver doctor. My other doctors never took the time to explain things the way Chris-Ann and Kari did.

After I found out I had Hepatitis C, it only took one month to start taking medication to treat it. I was on it for eight weeks, and Chris-Ann and Kari kept an eye on me. They also connected me with a health system that had a program that offered resources to help pay for the $4,000 medication. Twelve weeks after my treatment, my Hepatitis C titer was undetectable, showing my results were below the lowest detectable values.

I came to the health center seeking better health and they helped me achieve it! I am confident Chris-Ann and Kari are going to help me live to 100 years old. My girlfriend told me she wishes she could be seen at Marathon Health, too. I told her she could, if she’d marry me.