Marathon Health clinicians discovered a heart murmur during my annual exam at The Wellness Center. The fact that I was overweight was obvious, but I was also falling asleep at work and often complained about being tired. They referred me to a heart specialist and a pulmonologist. Scans and chest X-rays were performed and I was referred to a sleep study. My diagnosis was obstructive sleep apnea.

Brea Hostetler, RN health coach at the center, worked with me to create a weight-loss and exercise program. I made many lifestyle changes, including improving my quality of sleep and implementing better eating habits, reducing stress, exercising regularly, tracking my foods, and checking my weight regularly.

I never realized how awful I used to feel! I’ve lost 51 pounds and receive compliments on how good I look. I’m more alert and cognizant of my surroundings, which allows me to concentrate and make smarter decisions. I have more energy and don’t hurt as much. My confidence is up, I find it easier to socialize, and I interact with people on a more personal level.

I continue to monitor my conditions by visiting Brea once a week. I’ve come to realize the positive impact of reviewing results with my health coach. There is power in establishing a plan and setting reasonably obtainable goals together. I recommend getting an app for your phone to track your calories and exercise. Most importantly, find someone to go on the journey with you. Having a partner that’s in the same boat as you will be a huge comfort along the way!