My journey started two years ago. I was 50 years old, weighed 185 pounds, drank heavily, and did not take care of myself. I took four medications every day for blood pressure, heartburn, and asthma, which cost me about $500 a year (plus all the money I spent on alcohol).

My future didn’t look good. I just wanted to look and feel better. My weight and health affected all aspects of my life: social, physical, and mental. Finally, I decided to visit CityCare where I saw Jules Taylor, PA, for health coaching. We discussed my challenges, closely monitored my health-related numbers, and Jules helped me set sustainable, actionable goals.

I quit drinking cold turkey and with Jules’ advice, I started walking, hiking, cycling, and lifting weights. I started increasing my distance and slowly began to run instead of walk. Now, I run 3-4 times a week and do strength training on the off days.

Today, my numbers look great and I feel amazing! I’ve signed up for a 5k, but best of all, I’ve completely stopped taking my blood pressure medication and my asthma medications. I now only occasionally require reflux medication.

Now at age 52, I weigh 165 pounds. I’m the leanest I’ve been in years! I don’t just sit at home anymore and feel terrible about myself. All my hard work was worth it. I could never have done this two years ago. For those of you starting your journey, just keep moving forward and it will pay off in the end!