I have struggled with my weight for years. Especially after the birth of my second child, the weight was easy to put on and difficult to take off. In connection to my weight, I experienced high blood pressure and high cholesterol, issues that also affect members of my immediate family. A sedentary lifestyle certainly didn’t help. After a hard day teaching, it was easy to sit and watch television the remainder of the evening while grading papers.

I felt depressed and defeated. I would mask my pain with jokes, saying to others, “Everyone has some vice in life! I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, but I do like to eat!” Internally, I would tell myself, “It’s no use. I’ll never get the weight off.”

I started seeing Johanna Raj, NP, and Jennifer Heath, PA, at the ECSD Center for Health and Wellness. When we reviewed my Marathon Health MyHealth Report together and it described my wellness as only being “fair,” I knew I needed to do something.

Since then, I have cut out carbs and sweets, limit eating out, and walk with my husband 4-5 miles each night. I’ve lost 25 pounds, and just feel better in general. I can tell that the state of my health and wellbeing are improved, but know I still have a ways to go.

To those struggling with weight, know that it is not as difficult as it may seem. Little changes can make a BIG difference.