When the Hampton City Schools Employee Health & Wellness Center opened in 2014, I visited to get some baseline information on the status of my health. As the years progressed, I began to notice at each appointment that my weight and stress levels were going up. I had knee pain, difficulty breathing, and my mental health was stuck in a negative spiral.

Building a relationship with Brandi Ngo, FNP, helped me open up about my concerns. She worked with me to find personalized resources and reminded me that I was not alone. Brandi constantly pointed out that I had come a long way in life and should be proud for all that I have accomplished.

With Brandi’s help, I have been working on a journey of health in mind and body. I changed my eating habits and lost about 70 pounds, which has improved my overall physical health. I no longer need my anxiety and depression medications. Now, I am able to walk with almost no pain in my knees and I breathe easier with each step.

My advice to everyone is to take a deep breath – we get ahead of ourselves too often. Visit your wellness center and see what your baseline health information is. Continue your health journey with the support of your Marathon Health provider and remind yourself what you are thankful for daily. Oh, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!