I was in my doctorate program when I realized that my health was headed for a steep decline. I had high blood pressure, was depressed and overweight, and my cholesterol was through the roof. I pushed through life while on the edge of poor health. When I graduated, I realized that for my daughter’s sake, as well as my own, I needed to make changes.

When I went to the CEBT Health & Wellness Center at Gypsum, the team there discussed with me ways to improve my health. I stopped eating red meat and ate more fish, drank more water, and began practicing yoga and meditation. Most importantly, I quit smoking and drinking alcohol. I can personally attest to the tremendous improvement in my quality of life. My mood is stable, I don’t hit the afternoon wall anymore, and I have lots of energy.

Today, I am 20 pounds lighter and my blood pressure, body mass index, and cholesterol are within normal ranges for the first time in 10 years. These positive changes have transformed my life for the better. The team gave me encouraging words and provided ways to address my specific concerns. Thank you, Marathon Health, for helping me achieve my goals.

Use your biometric screenings and health coaching sessions with Marathon Health clinicians as a learning experience to prioritize your health. Go in and ask questions. Stay as focused as you can, but if you slip backward into an old habit now and again, just know that it’s normal. Success does not happen overnight. Keep at it!