I have known about my health issues since birth, and over the last three years, I barely met the biometric screening requirements for my insurance. My husband has had high blood pressure since he was 18 and his health issues were so severe that he was at risk of having a stroke. 

My health issues affected my way of life by causing shortness of breath, sluggishness, and lower overall functioning in my daily life. I knew I needed to reduce my risk of developing heart problems and manage my polycystic kidney disease, and my husband needed to lower his blood pressure. We made the decision to visit the Lennox Wellness Center and met with Suzette Boyd, FNP. Following an informative session with Suzette, we decided that a low-carb diet would be right for us.

Suzette adjusted my husband’s medication to the correct level and referred him to a cardiologist. My husband and I started our low-carb diet in September 2019. As of March 2020, I have lost 70 pounds and my husband has lost 60 pounds! This is the best we have ever felt. I no longer feel like I constantly have something pressing down on my chest. My husband’s blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been.

At home, we cook and exercise more to aid in our weight loss. We have so much more energy at home and at work. If I can do it, anyone can do it – I have a stationary job. Making incremental lifestyle changes CAN prolong your life. We are the living proof.