I had struggled to maintain a healthy weight all my life. I lacked energy and experienced chronic indigestion, joint pain, and swelling. I had little to no desire to engage in activities that should have been enjoyable – I had lost my lust for life.

Finally, I visited the ECSD Center for Health & Wellness to complete a Comprehensive Health Review. Raina Alexander, MD, reviewed my biometric screening results with me and explained that my blood pressure and cholesterol were high.

From the very beginning, Dr. Alexander was compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental. She listened, helped guide me in making incremental changes to my eating habits, and encouraged me to explore ways I could make exercise fun and interesting. We met monthly and I always looked forward to her support.

Dr. Alexander’s wise words of encouragement were the impetus I needed to forge on toward better health. As a result, I have lost 93 pounds in under a year! I enjoy activities that at one time had seemed impossible, including playing on the floor with my grandchildren and jumping on their trampoline! I no longer experience the chronic indigestion or joint pain, and my energy level has greatly increased.

I thank God every day for bringing me to the kind friends at Marathon Health who have the desire and skills to help with health challenges. God used Dr. Alexander in a powerful way, to save my life. Today, I have a more hopeful outlook on life, more self-confidence, and once again find joy in everyday living.