I was a full-time dairy farmer for 36 years and raised four great kids. Then, I decided to make some big changes. In 2019, I downsized my farm and applied to Kwik Trip in the convenience transportation department, thus beginning my health journey.

During the coworker orientation, I learned about the Kwik Trip Center for Health and the affordable services offered. I completed the physical therapy wellness assessment and began physical therapy sessions with Mark Niebuhr, PT.

Mark and I met every two weeks, where he provided treatment for my stiff shoulder joints – likely the result of years of hard work planting crops and caring for the farm. He demonstrated exercises to restore my range of motion and developed a home program that truly changed the way I move. I learned about my joints and what caused my stiffness, and received tips that have proven useful on the farm. Since then, and because of my improved condition, I’ve gradually decreased the frequency of my visits and am now checking in virtually.

Following the success I’d had with my physical therapy experience, I decided I was in it for the long haul with Marathon Health. I completed a physical exam, biometric screening, mental wellness assessment, and health coaching. I lost 30 pounds by making healthier changes to my diet, decreasing my saturated fat and soda intake, and starting a regular exercise program of walking/running daily.

If I hadn’t made the decision to work at Kwik Trip, I never would have realized the steps I needed to take to improve my health. I am so grateful to Kwik Trip and Marathon Health.