During the summer of 2018, I started having pain in my shoulder. I decided to visit my chiropractor, and I went every week until I had exhausted the 10 visits per year allowed under my insurance. The chiropractor gave me minor relief but due to restrictions with coverage, I stopped seeking treatment.

Eventually, the pain was so bad that I returned to the chiropractor and had an MRI done. Halfway through, I was in tears because the pain that came with lying on my back for an extended period was so severe. The MRI showed that I had adhesive capsulitis and there was bone-on-bone contact in my shoulder joint.

By the time our Marathon Health center opened, I couldn’t even raise my arm high enough to put on deodorant. I suffered from constant arm and shoulder pain, which made it difficult to sleep. I decided to visit the Union Trades Health Center to see Jon Strychasz, physical therapist. Jon gave me exercises to complete that increased in intensity over time. When I gained temporary custody of my great-nephew and we joined the local recreation center together, I became motivated to continue working out under Jon’s guidance.

When I started seeing Jon in April 2019, he had measured the mobility of my shoulder. I had been operating with less than 50 percent usage of my arm. After six months of weekly therapy, I have increased that to 70 percent. Today, I can drive, sleep, and concentrate on daily tasks better because I’m no longer battling constant pain.