Carrie_GWF.jpgI was overweight and always tired and sluggish, and knew I needed to get my biometric numbers under control. More importantly, I wanted to feel better.

I went to the Great-West Financial Health & Wellness Center at work for my annual Wellness Credit comprehensive screening. I completed a biometric screening where the clinicians did a quick fingerstick blood test, and they discovered I was in the risk category for cholesterol and in range for prediabetes.

My results from the center were a wake-up call. I am a single mother who had already survived breast cancer – I want to be in good shape so I can be around longer for my daughter. I did not want to jeopardize my health any longer and I knew I had the power to change.

At Great-West Financial Health & Wellness Center, I saw Carrie Chanos, PA-C and Marcie Kessel, FNP-C. Not only did they give me tips and advice on how to exercise and diet, they also constantly reminded me that I had the power to turn things around and change the numbers myself without any medications. They proved to me that they care about me and were always going to be there for me to lean on for support.

With Carrie and Marcie’s tips in mind, I am eating differently. I have cut out most processed foods and have drastically reduced sugar and processed carbohydrates. I eat lean protein, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. I also have been completing vigorous workouts 3-4 times a week.

Now I have completely turned things around. I’m no longer in the prediabetes range, I’ve reduced my cholesterol, and I’ve lost 35 pounds! I feel confident, energetic, and overall fantastic.