I wasn’t sleeping well, I had knee and back pain, and I struggled to manage my stress. As the primary caregiver for my 80-year-old mother, I knew I needed to improve my health so I could be there for her. I finally went to Marathon Health & Wellness Center North, where I saw Rachel Meadows, NP, for a health screening.

Rachel and I set small goals for each of our bi-weekly appointments. We’d review my progress and set new goals for the future. If I had challenges, we’d work through them together and brainstorm alternative strategies that could work for me.

Since working with Rachel, I’ve begun tracking what I eat and now incorporate protein, fresh fruit, and vegetables into my meals. I also prepare healthy snacks in advance, for when I need something in between meals.

As for exercise, I’ve joined a gym to use the treadmill and purchased a Fitbit. I also participate in step challenges facilitated by Marathon Health, which motivate me to push myself. At work, I walk around the track during school recess and the students and I have started a walking club after school.

Today, I feel amazing! Exercising during the day has helped me sleep better at night. My knees and back no longer hurt, I’m much happier, and I have more energy at school to keep up with my fifth graders. My life has changed for the better thanks to Rachel. I am so grateful!