In June 2019, I joined a running club and ended up gaining three pounds in eight weeks. I felt mad and depressed because I had put in so much time and work for no results. That’s when I went to see Theresa Miller, health coach at The Shwellness Center, about developing healthy eating habits and losing weight.

Theresa showed me I had been using exercise as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, which caused my weight gain. She gave me tools to hold me accountable and continued to support me throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by offering phone check-ins, which kept me motivated!

Theresa taught me how to find cheaper fruits and veggies, so now fresh produce is a big part of my lifestyle. Instead of cutting out any one food completely, I‘ve added more diversity to my diet and am more mindful of my caloric intake. I haven’t had to sacrifice the treats I enjoy – I simply eat foods like pizza or ice cream in moderation.

In less than 10 months, I went from 248 pounds to 198 pounds! My husband has lost 30 pounds as well and we no longer spend our time sitting in front of the TV binge eating snacks every night. Getting below 200 pounds was my biggest goal – I can’t wait to get back into The Shwellness Center to choose my next health goal.

Start your health journey for you – you will succeed when you decide you are ready! Don’t get upset if you experience a setback. Just start over with the next meal and use it as motivation to feel better and be happy.