In the past, I had prediabetes and hypoglycemia. I went to the doctor after trying certain dieting strategies on my own. Although I was strong-willed in my pursuit to lose weight, I still became hypoglycemic. I started depriving my body of the things it wanted and needed to function.

When I visited the Charlotte County Public Schools Employee Wellness Center and saw Krystal Heintz, FNP, she told me that my weight-loss journey would have to be a lifestyle change. It was vital that I be committed to my goals and trust the process. It didn’t take two months for all the weight I had to come on, so it wouldn’t take two months for all of it to be lost.

Since meeting with Krystal, I have started exercising on a regular basis, making healthier food choices, and practicing portion control. I have started to care more about what is in the food I am eating and what it is doing for me. If I put in junk, that’s what I will get back, but if I put in hard work and endurance, that can produce life-changing results. I am on a journey of self-discovery and I know I will get out whatever I put in.

Now, I am happier. I am more energized. I am more confident. I can do more things with my students and family. I can love myself better, which in turn helps me love others better. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to get better. Step by step.