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A Different Way to Think about Healthcare

Instead of waiting until something goes wrong to see the doctor, we want to help you avoid getting sick in the first place. With convenient scheduling and longer appointments at little or no cost, starting your health journey is easier than you might think.

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Understanding your health

Knowing your health stats and what they mean gives you more control over things like how you feel, how much you spend on healthcare, how you talk to your provider and all of the day-to-day choices that affect your health. Our health centers provide the tools, screenings, and assessments to get a clear picture of your health.


Maintaining your health

Whether your goal is to stay healthy or improve your health, your Marathon Health provider will help you set and create realistic action plans to achieve them. And if you aren't feeling well at work, the provider is there to treat you if you are sick or injured.

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Sharing your health

We believe good health is contagious. At our health centers, we offer healthy challenges, walking groups, and health promotion groups for stress, weight loss, smoking cessation and so much more! And we encourage you to share your success stories to inspire others to join you on your journey toward better health.


Access records 24/7

Our privacy-protected eHealth Portal stores your health information—including test results, treatment plans, health history, clinical notes, and biometric data—online so that you can see your achievements, record your goals, and track your success all in one convenient place.

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