Resources for Increasing Health Benefits & Reducing Healthcare Costs

Each year you are asked to develop a benefits strategy that addresses the high cost of healthcare, yet at the same time, provide a level of benefit that will help recruit and retain top talent. It is a tall order to meet these objectives. One solution is onsite health and Marathon Health can provide feasibility studies to determine if onsite health is a suitable option for your clients.

reporting-1We will partner with you to help your clients understand the various approaches to onsite health and what would work best for them. Together, we can design an engagement strategy to ensure long term success and a defined ROI for the health center. We will help you offer a new way to look at health benefits, and how they can be expanded, while simultaneously reducing the cost of care. At Marathon Health, we see ourselves as your resource to show your clients how they would benefit from moving in the direction of onsite care.

As a Marathon Health partner, we will work with you to deliver:

- a guaranteed return on investment

- sustainable health improvement and risk reduction for employees and their families

- reporting capabilities to track savings and health improvement

“I have been very impressed with Marathon Health and their ability to provide the services to one of our clients. The professionalism and responsiveness provided by their entire staff has been terrific. I recommend them to anyone considering the implementation of an onsite health center. We conducted an in-depth RFP process that analyzed nine proposals. Two years after Marathon was selected I can easily say they are the best.”

Lloyd Rhodes, President of Rhodes Insurance Group