worksite-wellness-programsCulture and work-life balance are increasingly important to the workforce. Employees are drawn to companies that share their values and ideals.

In this age of increased health consciousness, people of all ages are bonding over their fitness goals and activities.

It’s no surprise then that having a strong wellness culture is one of the key elements that bond many of Fortune Magazine’s “Best Places to Work”.

Whether it be through a group jog during the lunch hour or wearable devices (such as the FitBit and Apple Watch), wellness is becoming one of the best ways to bring your company’s employees together. To get you started, here are a few ideas on how you can create a close, connected workforce with a culture of health through your worksite wellness program:

Great Workplace Wellness Ideas Fit For Everyone

Wearable device fitness challenges

It only takes a quick glance at the wrists of your co-workers to realize how popular wearable devices have become. While it may seem like we reached the peak of what many thought was a fad, industry experts expect the wearables market will double by 2021 to over 240 million users

Wearables are popular not only because users can track their own health and fitness goals, but because they can interact with friends and co-workers who share their interest in exercise and well-being. One great way that your company can capitalize on this trend of social fitness is by holding workplace challenges through your employees’ wearable devices.

It’s easy to set up a fitness challenge for your workplace (whether it be a “weekend warrior” step challenge or a month-long initiative). Since all wearables include the ability to connect with contacts, the number of participants grows organically as your employees invite their co-workers to join in on the fun. These challenges allow employees to engage in friendly competition, cheer on their workplace friends, and meet new friends from other departments or locations. You may try incentives to encourage participation such as discounts on wearable devices, recognition for winning participants or teams, or even prizes (such as gift cards, paid time off, etc.).

Company Walk/Run

After talking about the latest in wearable device technology, it might seem a bit old-fashioned to recommend a team walk/run, but these events are popular for a reason. 

  • Giving employees the option to walk, jog, or run maximizes participation by allowing them to engage at their personal level of comfort. In other words, it isn’t just an event for your company “Olympians”.
  • Many communities have existing corporate 5K events that minimize the amount of coordination and cost from your company. Additionally, many of these events support local charitable organizations.
  • The team-based nature of these events (fueled by team t-shirts or banners to add to the company spirit) help to bring your employees together to support each other and network with co-workers and other business leaders. As an added benefit, you get some great low-cost advertising for your business.

Another good incentive to maximize participation is to provide a free lunch or dinner for the walkers/runners post-event. This not only shows your appreciation and recognizes their efforts, but it also provides an added opportunity for networking and team-building.

Try incorporating one of these activities into your worksite wellness program and see how it works for your organization. You’ll be advocating for improved health, happiness, and productivity for your employees, while building trust and teamwork amongst your workforce. With a workplace health challenge, everyone wins!

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