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Marathon Health Blog

The Benefits of Business-Wide Food Wellness Training

Creating a culture of health in the workplace requires support in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition. Introducing food wellness programs will not only help to generate healthy eating habits in the workplace and beyond, but will also assist in building a more robust program overall. As a result, developing a reputable and well- rounded wellness program inspires healthy, happy employees and ultimately positions your company as an attractive employer.

Growing Opportunities in Health and Wellness Coaching

Earlier this year, we highlighted some of the benefits and opportunities in health coaching. As described in “How to Become a Corporate Wellness Coach”, becoming a health coach allows you to help people set and achieve goals for long-term health and wellbeing. Rather than treating one symptom or illness, health coaches take time to work with the whole person.

By focusing on behavior change, the partnership between the patient and health coach provides an environment for the patient to take responsibility for their own health through guidance, education, and self-management tools provided in regular meetings or appointments.

Boost Wellness by Adding a Health Tip of the Day to Communications

Wellness programs save companies in medical costs, improve the health of the workforce, increase morale, and make employees more productive in their jobs. Still, corporate wellness coordinators struggle with how to get employees engaged in their wellness plans and be active in their health, especially without adding to the budget. Daily health tips can be an effective and cost-efficient way to communicate about wellness to employees.