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Worksite Wellness Programs That Will Unite Your Organization

Culture and work-life balance are increasingly important to the workforce. Employees are drawn to companies that share their values and ideals.

Encourage Employees to Create a Personal Health and Wellness Plan

It’s a simple fact that most employers face increasing healthcare costs. One way to address the impact of rising costs is to encourage the workforce to become healthier through personal wellness plans. When employees take an active role in their health and wellness, the chances decrease that they will have complicated conditions that require costly treatments. Beyond the economic motivation for companies to encourage wellness plans, healthy employees are happier and more productive, too.

Incorporating Chronic Disease Prevention In Your Office Day-to-Day

Over half of the adults in the United States live with chronic disease: a condition that lasts at least three months and generally cannot be cured by medication, nor does it go away on its own. Hypertension, heart disease, and obesity are among the most common, costly, and preventable chronic conditions. 

However, since chronic disease typically cannot be prevented by vaccines, it's essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will prevent chronic disease from ever developing. Assisting patients with prevention and helping them better understand chronic conditions is one of the most important parts of a clinician’s job. 

Fitting Group Wellness Activities Into the Workplace Calendar

It's that time of year where everyone loves to get outdoors and have fun in the sun. Cookouts are a classic way for businesses to reward employees for their hard work and provide a fun opportunity for the organization to come together. Taking an alternative route from the common barbecue agenda will not only promote a positive, healthy atmosphere, but will be sure to align with your overall wellness initiatives.

The Benefits of Business-Wide Food Wellness Training

Creating a culture of health in the workplace requires support in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition. Introducing food wellness programs will not only help to generate healthy eating habits in the workplace and beyond, but will also assist in building a more robust program overall. As a result, developing a reputable and well- rounded wellness program inspires healthy, happy employees and ultimately positions your company as an attractive employer.


From BenefitsPro

One of the most overlooked factors of comprehensive benefits plans are programs that help identify and reduce health risks for employees.

What is Onsite Healthcare?

The use of onsite healthcare solutions continues to rise among businesses, resulting in greater productivity and profitability via healthier, happier populations.

Key Attributes of a Successful Onsite Health Center

Operating an onsite health center is a significant investment so it’s vital to make sure you have the right structure in place to ensure its success. We’ve been operating onsite health centers for more than a decade, and along the way have learned what elements are necessary to guarantee risk reductions, cost savings, and employee satisfaction.