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What's it Like to Be a Wellness Nurse?

From Medscape

As nurses explore healthcare opportunities across the U.S., one model continues to grow - worksite healthcare. In fact, 33 percent of large employers now offer healthcare directly at the worksite. This model brings whole health and wellness services to the workforce to keep healthy people healthy and prevent or manage chronic conditions. Worksite healthcare is transforming the U.S. healthcare system for employers and medical professionals.

Growing Opportunities in Health and Wellness Coaching

Earlier this year, we highlighted some of the benefits and opportunities in health coaching. As described in “How to Become a Corporate Wellness Coach”, becoming a health coach allows you to help people set and achieve goals for long-term health and wellbeing. Rather than treating one symptom or illness, health coaches take time to work with the whole person.

By focusing on behavior change, the partnership between the patient and health coach provides an environment for the patient to take responsibility for their own health through guidance, education, and self-management tools provided in regular meetings or appointments.