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Live from Keller Independent School District!

Check out this cool video made by our partners at Keller Independent School District near Dallas. The video, which features Marathon Health Nurse Practitioner Chris Keil, was made to highlight the services available to district staff at the K-Well Health Center. Have a look!

Wellness is Contagious: The Right Workout Group Helps Manage Symptoms

Connie was diagnosed with auto-immune diseases Sjogrens Syndrome and mixed connective tissue disease in 2012, and then in 2014, she was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Since the diagnoses, she has been on medications that made her gain unwanted weight. The diseases also made her fatigue easily, among other uncomfortable symptoms.

Wellness is Contagious: Health Awareness grants “Peace of Mind”

Thomas had been going to the ECSD Center for Health and Wellness for several years. He knew the results of his health assessments each year were not great but the stakes of his health status had not yet set in. Then, Krystal Rogers, a registered nurse at the center, spent time to go into careful detail about his conditions and explained to him the severity of what could happen if he didn’t take his results seriously. He left that appointment with a new understanding and motivation to change certain behaviors. Speaking of the revelation, he says, “I knew I had to regain my health so I could be around for my fifteen-year-old son.”

Wellness is Contagious: Rodney's Yellow Mustache

Like many cigarette smokers, Rodney knew his habit was bad for his health. It made a dent in his finances and it turned his mustache yellow. But it wasn’t until he had his blood pressure checked at The COR Wellness Center operated by Marathon Health for the City of Rockford that he decided to make a change.

Wellness is Contagious: Diabetes Management in Plantation, Florida

When Marathon Health opened a wellness center at Linda’s workplace, she was intrigued by the convenience and she couldn’t wait to check out the services. The timing was right for her as she had been collecting a list of health issues that concerned her. Her diabetes was out of control which meant she lost her breath easily, her legs and ankles were swollen, and she was the heaviest she had ever been.

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