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Marathon Health Blog

Finding an Alternative Approach to Healthcare

Sitting in a rocking chair, gazing out the window, I found myself patting my son’s back to the artificial sounds mimicking his heartbeat. Beep…beep…beep. It was robotic melodic and confirmation he was snoozing calmly in my arms. This moment nearly fit the picture I painted in my mind of our first days at home together. But, we weren’t home. This was his first home, but not ours, and the cacophony of alarms and sputters from the NICU poked at that unfortunate reality.


From BenefitsPro

One of the most overlooked factors of comprehensive benefits plans are programs that help identify and reduce health risks for employees.

Multiple Dimensions of Value: How To Boost Employee Productivity With Preventive Health Care

A smart strategy for managing the cost of healthcare includes a strong focus on preventive care. This makes sense on a national level, where one of the key strategies of healthcare reform is removing cost and access barriers to preventive services. It makes particular sense for employee populations, where the improved health of individuals pays off not only in the avoided cost of sick care, but also in improved productivity.

Is an Occupational Health Assessment Necessary for a Desk Job?

Occupational health assessments, such as functional capacity evaluations and pre-employment physicals, are a vital practice when caring for the overall wellness of employees in physically demanding jobs. But is there value in replicating occupational health assessments for employees who spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk? We think so!