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Working with Local Health Systems

Employer organizations exploring the possibility of onsite health services often ask what impact a worksite health center will have on local healthcare providers. In some cases, where access to care is an issue, the employer will often collaborate with the local health systems to improve care across the continuum. In other cases, where there is readily accessible primary care, the employer will structure their onsite health services to supplement and support the primary care relationship. In either case, we work with employer organizations to maximize healthcare resources for their employees and guide the navigation process so that they understand where to access the right level of care when they need it.

[Download] The Impact of Population Health Management on Physical Health

Unhealthy employees are expensive.

New White Paper: Population Health Management 2.0

There are a variety of programs companies can opt for when it comes to bringing onsite health services to the workplace. Occupational health, wellness initiatives such as blood pressure checks and weight loss programs, and acute care are just a few of the options that can be made available to employees at work.