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What You Need to Know About Standing Desk Ergonomics

Standing desk ergonomics have gained popularity lately, with both employees and health professionals touting the many benefits of getting out of your chair. Are standing desks the miracle that their supporters think they are, or just another fad? In this article, we’ll look at both the pros and cons of sitting and standing desks, as well as a third option that might combine the best of both worlds.

Fitting Group Wellness Activities Into the Workplace Calendar

It's that time of year where everyone loves to get outdoors and have fun in the sun. Cookouts are a classic way for businesses to reward employees for their hard work and provide a fun opportunity for the organization to come together. Taking an alternative route from the common barbecue agenda will not only promote a positive, healthy atmosphere, but will be sure to align with your overall wellness initiatives.

How to Conduct a Successful Ergonomic Assessment in Your Workplace

Recent studies have revealed disturbing risks associated with prolonged sitting and poor activity, as it relates to workplace environments. Such risks include heart attack, fatigue, back pain, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel among other injuries. The key solution for reducing such risks is often greater than yoga ball chairs and standing desks.

Wellness Program Ideas To Engage Employees of All Interest Levels

Implementing a company-wide program of any type can be difficult, especially one that involves employee health, wellness, nutrition, and exercise. Wellness programming can too often appeal to the same limited cohort of employees, or at least that can be the perception. 

The wonderful thing about wellness programming is how diverse it can be. Wellness programs can focus on healthy eating and physical activity, and can also take into account environmental, social, and educational factors to appeal to all demographics.

Is an Occupational Health Assessment Necessary for a Desk Job?

Occupational health assessments, such as functional capacity evaluations and pre-employment physicals, are a vital practice when caring for the overall wellness of employees in physically demanding jobs. But is there value in replicating occupational health assessments for employees who spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk? We think so!