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It's Time to Make Mental Health in the Workplace Actionable

From HRO Today

Mental Health America
has found that depression ranks among the top three workplace problems for employee assistance professionals, coming in third behind family crisis and stress. Despite this issue, Mental Health America finds that depressed employees often don’t seek treatment due to confidentiality concerns and fears of the affect their diagnosis will have on their job.

The Impact of Working Too Much

It’s not news that technology allows us to work all the time. The effect is that workdays aren’t limited to “work hours” and the workplace isn’t limited to the office space. Add in a competitive environment where employees want to be seen putting in extra work, and all of a sudden the 60-hour work week becomes standard. However, the brave rebels who limit their hours worked to 49 or less are generally as productive, create better quality work, and are healthier and less stressed than their overworked counterparts. 


From BenefitsPro

One of the most overlooked factors of comprehensive benefits plans are programs that help identify and reduce health risks for employees.

Do Your Employees Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices?

By now, it’s become clear to most employers and executives that the health of their employees has a significant impact on productivity, and ultimately, an organization’s bottom line.

How Investing in Employees Can Scale Your Business

When faced with a mandate to grow their business, many CEOs will first look at ways to increase revenue by cutting costs, and health benefits are often a casualty.

Though it might appear to be a prudent decision, in actuality cutting health benefits will hurt an employer’s bottom line in the long run. The best way to grow a business is establishing programs that help employees develop and achieve their optimal health, which will in turn help retain top talent and pay dividends for years to come. 

Multiple Dimensions of Value: How To Boost Employee Productivity With Preventive Health Care

A smart strategy for managing the cost of healthcare includes a strong focus on preventive care. This makes sense on a national level, where one of the key strategies of healthcare reform is removing cost and access barriers to preventive services. It makes particular sense for employee populations, where the improved health of individuals pays off not only in the avoided cost of sick care, but also in improved productivity.

3 Steps to Integrating Wearable Fitness Trackers into Your Corporate Wellness Plan

Fitbit. Garmin. UP by Jawbone. Have you heard of them? These are three of the most popular wearable fitness trackers on the market and experts project that they’re not going anywhere for a while.

Wellness and Health In Relation to Overall Employee Performance

“Health and wellness” is becoming a commonly-heard phrase at businesses and organizations--and for good reason.  As healthcare premium costs continue to escalate for employers, many companies are becoming increasingly interested in preventive care, specifically through implementing onsite health centers.  Marathon Health’s onsite centers can help increase revenue by improving health and wellness and, as a result, drastically decreasing the financial drain of employees who are frequently absent or less-productive due to preventable chronic health conditions.