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Marathon Health Blog

Is Your Company a Good Fit For Onsite Wellness?

Employers may believe that covering their workers with a comprehensive benefit plan is like trying to keep warm under a blanket that’s just too small. Pull it up to your chin, and your toes stick out. Tuck it under your feet, and your shoulders get cold. You can keep tugging at the edges, but there’s a limit to how much it can stretch.

What is the true corporate wellness ROI?

In an age of ever-increasing healthcare costs, the value of a healthy workforce is clear to all employers. However, many companies find challenges in determining the return on investment (ROI) involved with implementing a corporate wellness programs at their onsite health centers.

Why You Should Aim To Be One of The Best Companies To Work For

We have a national obsession with lists. Maybe it’s our short attention span or the information overload we’re faced with every day: we’re much more likely to click on a “top 10” list than an in-depth article. 

Perhaps that’s why businesses are clamoring to show up on lists like “Best Places to Work” and “Most Innovative Companies.”

The Time is Now for Corporate Wellness Careers

The list of careers in healthcare covers a broad spectrum of fields, roles, responsibilities, experience, and overall fulfillment.

Are Workplace Wellness Programs Secure and Confidential?

One of the most common questions of employees with workplace wellness programs is this: “Is my health information private?”

Jerry Ford Featured in Hayes Healthcare Leaders Blog Series 

Please enjoy this blog our CEO Jerry Ford wrote for Hayes Management Consulting, a leading healthcare mangement consulting firm. 

Jerry's blog, Caring for the Clinician: The Key to Patient Experience, Enhancing Health Outcomes, and Reducing Cost, describes the vital components of a successful onsite program.

The blog is filled with insights about the problems with the current U.S. healthcare delivery system as well as long-term solutions.

The blog is available here.

Great job Jerry! 

Ideas for Improving Employee Mental Health Business-Wide

You may have developed a health and wellness program at your organization to help employees maximize their physical health. But does your program have a mental health component?

Long-Term Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

It can seem like there are more than a few dots to connect when considering how wellness programs actually increase a businesses’ bottom line. An employee who is spending time tracking diet or exercise, taking the stairs more, or paying closer attention to his blood pressure doesn’t seem to translate directly to specific dollars in the bank. However, focusing on total population health for employees does keep people healthier, which increases productivity, raises employee satisfaction, and reduces healthcare costs.