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Marathon Health Blog

What's it Like to Be a Wellness Nurse?

From Medscape

As nurses explore healthcare opportunities across the U.S., one model continues to grow - worksite healthcare. In fact, 33 percent of large employers now offer healthcare directly at the worksite. This model brings whole health and wellness services to the workforce to keep healthy people healthy and prevent or manage chronic conditions. Worksite healthcare is transforming the U.S. healthcare system for employers and medical professionals.

Marathon Health on E-Health Radio

Here's a terrific interview with Marathon Health National Director of Health Coaching Mary Meyer. Mary is very insightful as she shares what makes the Marathon Health coaching model different, and how our clinicians are able to change lives.

The Perks of Being a Corporate Fitness Professional

Corporate fitness roles allow healthcare and fitness professionals to make a difference in the lives of individuals in ways that few other roles can.

In this post, we'll look at the different advantages a corporate fitness professional experiences in their career.

Reasons to Consider Careers in Health and Wellness

Many clinicians, if not most, choose a career in healthcare for the opportunity to work with and help others. Unfortunately the dynamics of our current fee-for-service healthcare system don’t always allow that to happen. Too often clinicians are met with the burden of seeing a multitude of patients in a day, which prevents them for having the time necessary to get to the root of a health problem and provide guidance for sustainable improvements.

The Time is Now for Corporate Wellness Careers

The list of careers in healthcare covers a broad spectrum of fields, roles, responsibilities, experience, and overall fulfillment.