Fitness IIEmployers that build a culture of wellness and offer supportive health resources – such as worksite health programs – play a proactive role in improving employee health and reducing claims costs. These programs provide your workforce with the tools and opportunities to pursue healthier lifestyles in an environment that is motivating, supportive, and fun. At the same time, these programs benefit your organization’s bottom line.

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Workplace fitness challenge ideas

Here are just a few examples of workplace fitness challenges that may engage your workforce in their health.

Complete Wellness Challenge: Eight-week challenge focusing on a personal health goal, utilizing fitness, nutrition, and health coaching milestones.

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Walking Challenge: Weekly challenge where participants/teams log steps with a goal of 10,000 steps per person per day.

Physical Activity Challenge: Participants set their own goals in a 12-week physical activity challenge that encourages people to be active with all types of activity.

“Winning At Losing” Program: 12-week weight loss competition based on percentage of weight loss, not total pounds lost. Each participant who weighs in each week will receive an email with program updates, health tips, and motivation. Optional: group meetings to share successes/challenges during the challenge. Read Desiree’s “Winning at Losing” success story.

Train for a 5K Program: Run/walk training program, for all ability levels. Weekly training tips about proper nutrition and training schedules are provided.

“My employer’s health center began offering Freedom from Tobacco classes, which I attended. My first 12 weeks laid the foundation for me to quit. Because I am a driver and work the night shift, it’s been a challenge for me to give up cigarettes. I live alone when my son is not with me, which also made it hard to quit. I attended the next 12-week class of Freedom from Tobacco and am now smoke-free.” – Jimmie, Marathon Health patient, employee at Sheetz, and winner of Healthy Like Me.

Healthier workforce, healthier bottom line

Your employees need support and encouragement to stick to and achieve their health goals – and your organization can help. A worksite healthcare provider can partner with you to provide convenient, high-quality medical care and the programming, guidance, and resources your employees need to improve their health.

To learn more about how worksite healthcare can support your health and wellness programs, reduce absenteeism, lower medical spending, and increase employee satisfaction, download our white paper “Improving Productivity.”

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