HealthyLikeMe_BLUE_small-1Health improvement begins with small behavior change. Small modifications to your diet, exercise, sleep, or daily routine can lead to significant health improvement. When we set smaller goals, we can achieve them in a healthy and realistic way.

Health coaching helps our patients make lasting lifestyle change, but our patients need support and resources to help them in their health journey. Health coaching provides the motivation, structure, and accountability to get them there.  

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Currently, 170,000 Marathon Health members are improving their health. We take every opportunity to honor and celebrate this community and their commitment to living healthier lives. Each quarter, our Healthy Like Me program highlights the steps our patients take toward better health by collecting and sharing their stories. Today we’re thrilled to announce the winners of this quarter’s Healthy Like Me program, and have published 10 of these stories to inspire all of you.

3 steps to health improvement

We’ve found a common thread woven through each of these stories. First, our patients either know or learn they have a health concern. Second, they need help improving their health. And third, they improve their health through small, gradual steps.

       1. The lightbulb moment

“My supervisor could tell something was wrong so he sent me to the Marathon Health & Wellness Center. I had a physical exam and a few labs done. When the results came back, I learned I was pre-diabetic and knew it was time for a change.” – Ryan

Whatever form this discovery takes, we hear phrases like “game changer,” “eye opener,” or “light bulb moment” from our patients as they describe the moment they knew they needed to make a change. That discovery kicks off a process, guided by their health coach, toward lasting, healthy behavior.

 “The excess weight lowered my energy level, quality of sleep, and motivation to participate in activities.” Laura

       2. Supported by health coaching

“To be honest, I wasn't sure a health coach could help me. But my health coach listened, empathized, shared relatable knowledge, and I knew I needed him if I was going to be successful in making lasting changes.” – Ryan

Health is forever which makes health improvement feel daunting. To overcome that feeling, we use health coaching at every patient visit to uncover the root causes of health, develop a health plan, and provide support throughout the process.

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“My health coaches are wonderfully supportive and willing to hold me accountable. They helped me develop a customized wellness plan and continue to help me stay on track even when I am discouraged.” John

       3. Making small changes for health improvement

Our patients offer the best advice: start small. Successfully completing small health improvements gradually build to significant behavior change.

“Making small adjustments to my everyday routine helps me get to where I’m going without feeling overwhelmed and sabotaging myself.” Cynthia

 “My advice is to start with small, manageable changes. Make new habits and then set new goals.” Laura

“I made incremental changes over the course of the year and took the small steps necessary to incorporate healthy habits into my life that are sustainable.” Shannon

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