10 motivational stories of health transformation

HealthyLikeMe_BLUE_small-1.pngWe are inspired. Across the country, over 360,000 Marathon Health members are improving their health with support, education, and encouragement at their onsite health centers. Onsite health coaching puts patients in the driver’s seat of their health by supporting them through weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, illness, and chronic conditions. After talking with their providers about their health goals and concerns, patients are able to make a realistic plan for long-lasting lifestyle changes.

 “Whenever I feel discouraged and want to give up, my health coach, Wendy, helps me put things in perspective and I feel motivated to continue my journey.” – Winnie 

Change is hard, so any step toward better health - big or small - is worth celebrating. Each quarter we encourage people to share their stories with our patient success program, Healthy Like Me, to honor their achievement and inspire others to improve their health.

“It is not easy at first, but once you decide what you want to achieve, the journey to better health becomes your daily routine. I am proud to say I exceeded my weight loss goal, reduced my cholesterol, and my blood sugar.” – Maribel 

A remarkable thing happens when people have the motivation, support, and confidence to transform their goals into action. Last year alone, Healthy Like Me participants made incredible progress.









Today, we share the latest Healthy Like Me success stories with our community. Our participants’ commitment makes us proud and their stories inspire coworkers, friends, and family members to make their health a priority. Our Healthy Like Me winners represent the kind of dedication and journey to health we celebrate every day at Marathon Health centers around the country.

Read the incredible transformations below and learn about how our customers contributed by using onsite healthcare to engage the workforce in improving their health.



Meet Holly :

2018_Q1_sq_Holly.png“My energy was low despite my fast-paced profession. I knew I was unhealthy, but hearing the results of my screening scared me. I needed to make a change…[full story].”



Meet Dawn:

2018_Q1_sq_Dawn.png“When I got the test results back, the diagnosis was stomach cancer.
If not for the health center getting me in quickly it would have grown and who knows what would have happened…[full story].”




Meet Mary:

2018_Q1_sq_Mary.png“With their help, I’ve changed my relationship with food. I’m not on a diet, I’m now mindful of what I eat – and I lost 38 pounds…[full story].”



Meet Maribel:

 2018_Q1_sq_Maribel.png“My provider listened as I shared my interests and the changes I wanted to make, and together we developed a customized routine. Energized by our discussion, I immediately dedicated myself to healthier eating…[full story].”


Meet Rebecca:

2018_Q1_sq_Rebecca.png“Today, I'm cancer-free, I've lost 92 pounds, and am on my way to lowering my blood pressure medicine…[full story].”




Meet Jason:

2018_Q1_sq_Jason.png“I ignored my biometric screenings and chronic symptoms of heart disease. I continued to smoke and did not exercise – my priorities were upside down. I felt tired, stressed, and depressed…[full story].”




Meet Winnie:

2018_Q1_sq_Winnie.png"When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and osteoarthritis, I took advantage of the free health coaching at our Marathon Health center - it keeps me accountable and motivated…[full story].”



Meet Edward:

2018_Q1_sq_Edward.png“I have Type 2 Diabetes and needed help managing my condition. I did not know how to eat a diabetic diet and despite walking regularly, my weight and overall health were not improving. I needed support…
[full story].”



Meet Melody:

2018_Q1_sq_Melody.png“My weight peaked at 247 pounds. I was ashamed to have my picture taken. My journey started at my worksite health center…[full story].”




Meet Todd:

2018_Q1_sq_Todd.png“Last summer, I participated in the annual fire department physical. I was unable to climb ground ladders and pick up various tools. My poor nutrition finally caught up with me. My health center gave me the confidence to set and reach goals – and never judged...[full story].”



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