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Marathon Health Blog

A Year Worth Celebrating

At the end of each year, we reflect back on all that we have accomplished. As in years past, our patients and their personal health transformation journeys inspire us. Our clinical ambassadors make it their goal to meet patients where they are in taking steps towards better health. This year, with the support of trusted primary care clinicians across Marathon nation, our patients took the reins of their health to live better lives. Whether they overcame a hurdle, went out of their comfort zone, or learned more about themselves in the process, each patient has a story to tell, and we are there for them each step of the way.

A Simple Thank You

Did you know that our Ambassadors are always looking for new ways to change lives? Erika Gothberg, medical assistant at the Schupan & Fabri-Kal Employee Health Center, shares how being a Marathon Health Ambassador helped support her passion for volunteer work.

Lincoln Industries: Connecting Health and Business Performance


The motto at Lincoln Industries is “Innovation Inspired,” and it shows. In 2017, HealthNext, a research firm dedicated to measuring wellness and business performance, found Lincoln Industries set a new benchmark for high-performing companies. Lincoln Industries joined a global club of elite businesses dedicated to a healthy workforce and a healthy bottom line.

TTM Technologies: Health partnership brings better health to the workforce within the first year

The opportunity

TTM Technologies Inc. (TTM) is a leading global printed circuit board and radio frequency components manufacturer with 27,000 employees at 29 factories worldwide. With TTM’s factory in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin showing a consistent trend in higher employee healthcare claims, TTM’s local management discovered that emergency room visits and urgent care facilities were often the first stop for care. As a result, the Chippewa Falls plant’s costs were rising and significantly outpacing TTM’s other North America locations. To address the problem, TTM sought a worksite healthcare solution that would provide its employees with easy access to high-quality, cost effective, and educational healthcare services.

My Transition to Worksite Healthcare

Our very own Kathryn Lovoi, PA, at Larimer County, shares why she’s a Marathon Health ambassador – and how her transition to worksite healthcare improved the way she practiced medicine. In our continual effort to differentiate our care and communicate our purpose, Kathryn says it best:

Employer Pharmacy Solutions and Savings

Drug prices continue to be the fastest growing cost in healthcare, with brand medication prescriptions increasing by 98.2% since 2011. Major drivers of increased pharmacy spend have been new treatment medications, compounded medications, the consolidation of brand and generic drug manufacturers, and supply chain shortages. These challenges are unprecedented and expected to increase in the coming years.

Workplace Wellness Starts with Teamwork

Poor health costs employers $153 billion each year

New Year’s resolutions are a noble promise, but in reality, the burden of seasonal weight gain paired with inactivity can be overwhelming. The holiday season is stacked against us. It starts in September when Halloween candy sneaks onto grocery shelves, then quickly devolves to heaps of mashed potatoes, gravy-topped stuffing, and nutmeg-sprinkled eggnog. Then, as quick as the snap of our elastic waistbands, we’ve spun through another holiday season and find the only leftovers left to pick at are ourselves.

Top Workplace Fitness Challenge Ideas

Employers that build a culture of wellness and offer supportive health resources – such as worksite health programs – play a proactive role in improving employee health and reducing claims costs. These programs provide your workforce with the tools and opportunities to pursue healthier lifestyles in an environment that is motivating, supportive, and fun. At the same time, these programs benefit your organization’s bottom line.

Worksite Wellness Programs That Will Unite Your Organization

Culture and work-life balance are increasingly important to the workforce. Employees are drawn to companies that share their values and ideals.

Is Your Company a Good Fit For Onsite Wellness?

Employers may believe that covering their workers with a comprehensive benefit plan is like trying to keep warm under a blanket that’s just too small. Pull it up to your chin, and your toes stick out. Tuck it under your feet, and your shoulders get cold. You can keep tugging at the edges, but there’s a limit to how much it can stretch.