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A Roadmap to Reopening: What All Industries Should Keep in Mind

Over the past few months, we have been creating a strategic Return to Business framework to help our customers address the impact of COVID-19 and resume operations while protecting the ongoing health and safety of employees. As more businesses open up, utilizing a framework is crucial to return to the workplace in a safe and responsible way.

The Work Week, Reimagined: Returning to Daily Life After COVID-19

Three Steps HR Professionals Must Consider

The coronavirus pandemic brought daily life to a standstill. With businesses closed, schools canceled and families staying at home, people found their typical daily schedules were now dramatically different.  

With many states now in the midst of reopening, there is a lot of buzz surrounding businesses resuming operations, employees returning to the office and elected leaders deciding how best to jumpstart local, state, and federal economies.

For employees who have been out of work or have been working fully from home, the new office environment is likely to be very different than when they left. Physically returning to work will be a big shift and require time for employees to acquiesce.

The Importance of Outreach: Words of Appreciation

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a shift of perspective for many. People are feeling the effects of this time differently. It is now more important than ever to stay connected and have compassion for those around you. For the healthcare workers and essential workers who have been on the front lines throughout this time, we recognize the challenges being faced on a professional and personal level. For those on the front lines, to our healthcare workers, we say thank you.

The Five Questions to Ask Before Returning Employees to Work

As government and business leaders balance economic and public health concerns, organizations across the country are seeking thoughtful, customizable approaches to return their employees to the workplace. When thinking about what plan is right for your organization, the first step is to ask the right questions.

Humanizing Health with Virtual Care

During these unprecedented times, we look to one another for kindness, compassion, and support. Now, more than ever, taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing is crucial. Marathon Health care teams are supporting our patients by answering health concerns, supporting them in staying well, and managing chronic conditions as they navigate COVID-19 risks.

How Do You Respond to Stress?

Stress is something that we are all aware of daily. But did you know that stress can be both positive and negative? Stress refers to a physical or psychosocial stimulus that causes bodily or mental tension. It is your perception of this stress that matters most.

Find Balance in Your Diet

March is National Nutrition Month, and with so much information in the news about trending diets, you may be wondering, “what’s all the hype around the Mediterranean diet?” Incorporating a variety of nutritious and balanced foods is important to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. 

An Innovative Approach to Healthcare Delivery

The Marathon Health Difference

Innovation is not simply the invention of a new idea, but the process of putting those ideas into practice to bring about significant change. Since 2005, Marathon Health has operated with a mission to change healthcare delivery, to change healthcare, and to ultimately change health in this country. 

Adding Social into Medical

How a Worksite Health Center Can Provide Socially Informed Care

Health is more than a collection of genetic and behavioral factors. While healthcare providers are positioned to solve medical problems, long-term health outcomes are heavily dependent on the social, economic, and environmental context of a patient’s life.[i] [ii] Studies show a link between these factors and the risk for chronic conditions like asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.[iii] In other words, health is strongly influenced by what happens outside of the doctor’s office.

Marathon Health Ranked #1 Vermont Company for Fastest Ten-Year Revenue Growth

Among the group of growth-orientated companies highlighted by Vermont Business Magazine (VBM) in 2019, Marathon Health took the #1 spot as the company with the Fastest Ten-Year Growth.

For the past five years, Marathon Health has been recognized by VBM as a Vermont Business Growth Awards winner for Fastest Five-Year Growth, while also being one of the largest companies listed.