How worksite healthcare uncovers and addresses the root cause of health

SDOH cover w outlineTrends in healthcare are shifting to recognize that health is more than a collection of genetic and behavioral risk factors. Healthcare providers must look beyond the doctor’s office to complete our health picture. Housing, employment, education, and more shape the way we walk in the world. By acknowledging these external influencers, healthcare providers can ensure the healthy opportunities they’re promoting connect with the reality their patients are living.

In this white paper, Moving Beyond Medicine, we look beyond the doctor’s office to explore how the social determinants of health enhance care delivery and how an earlier evolution in medicine – worksite healthcare – is a natural fit for providing holistic, patient-centered healthcare.

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  • How the social determinants of health impact your employees’ health
  • How worksite healthcare is positioned to address social obstacles that may impact health
  • Realistic, actionable steps for employers to support employee health improvement

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Topics: health, social determinants, medicine