Employers are helping employees make significant health improvements

HealthyLikeMe_BLUE_small-2“I had been feeling poorly for a while, making it difficult for me to do my job and spend time with my family. After passing out at work one day, I went to my worksite health center and was diagnosed with diabetes, low iron, and high cholesterol.” – Lillie, winner of Healthy Like Me, Marathon Health’s patient success program, and Wayne Farms employee. Read Lillie’s full story.

Employers know healthy employees are productive employees – and they cost less. Employers that build a culture of wellness and offer supportive health resources – such as worksite health centers – play a proactive role in improving employee health. While good health has a positive impact on your workforce and your bottom line, have you considered the benefit felt by your employees?

Marathon Health created the Healthy Like Me program to honor and celebrate incredible patient success stories. Highlighting employee health improvement grows workforce comradery, community support, and deepens connections between employers and their employees’ health.

“My performance at work has improved greatly. I am able to keep up with the students. My positive attitude has improved their attitudes. Everyone around me has noticed my positivity and now people ask me for help in their health journey. I love being able to inspire others.” – Christa, winner of Healthy Like Me, Marathon Health’s patient success program, and Hampton City Schools employee. Read Christa’s full story.

Our patients inspire us. Each quarter, we select 10 winners from all of the great stories we receive. We share our winner stories with our 360,000 members, their employers, and beyond.

These print and digital winner announcements are created by our communications team and distributed across Marathon Health’s nationwide network and our customers’ worksites. Our worksite health center clinicians not only provide the daily support and encouragement in our patient’s health journey, they encourage their patients to apply. Our Healthy Like Me program is an opportunity for employers and their employees to reflect on great achievements, instill a sense of pride, and deepen their commitment to health – and our clinicians are a big part of the program’s success.

“The Wellness Center team makes a concerted effort to help me stay on top of my health. They remind me to keep up with testing, vaccinations, and medications while helping me create a reasonable diet plan. As a result, I have lost 27 pounds and my blood pressure is normalizing for the first time in 25 years. I’ve never been in better health than I am now, and I owe it all to my company’s Wellness Center.” – Marco, winner of Healthy Like Me, Marathon Health’s patient success program and City of Fort Lauderdale employee. Read Marco’s full story.

While our patients are the stars of the show, our employer partners play a significant, supportive role by offering worksite healthcare. As a result, their employees achieve their health goals. Located conveniently at the worksite, our health centers offer health education, programming, clinical support, and health coaching to empowers employees to improve or maintain their health.

To see how worksite healthcare can improve your employees’ health, visit our Healthy Like Me page to meet the winners and read their stories.

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