Let’s talk about something that can be difficult to talk about: behavioral health. Issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse contribute to high turnover, burnout, exhaustion, and decreased motivation. It’s time to peel back the curtain. We’re not helping our employees by avoiding the topic like politics at the Thanksgiving table.

iStock-607494850_sm.jpgOne in five Americans suffer from mental illness
   each year.

60 percent of people do not receive treatment.

$225.8 Billion: The annual cost of unmanaged
   mental health for employers in the U.S.

This problem is too big to ignore. Businesses are made of people, and are uniquely organized to achieve a common set of goals. Our employees, our people, need our support as we grow a healthier, more productive workforce.

What if addressing behavioral health became a business goal?

In our E-Book, we explore your business opportunity, ROI, and how onsite health centers address the three main reasons your employees currently do not seek behavioral health services.

One in five of your employees is living with mental illness. It’s time to listen.

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