Building trust to understand hurdles to health

health_coaching_improves_employee_healthcareA simple question can launch significant behavior change, and ultimately, health improvement. By asking questions, rather than issuing orders, providers empower patients to take control of their health and develop new behaviors. But, to achieve Iasting health improvements, patients need support and resources to help them in their health journey. Health coaching provides the motivation, structure, and accountability to get them there.  

“From the moment I met my health coach, I instantly felt encouraged. Together we made a simple plan and she always cheered me on, even when I was discouraged or felt like my progress was too slow. I can’t say enough about the kindness I felt at the Marathon Health center.” – Joeie, Marathon Health patient, Trustmark National Bank employee, and winner of Healthy Like Me.

What is health coaching?

Health coaching is the cornerstone of patient behavior change. Health coaches guide a person through the stages and processes of change towards optimal health and wellness. By understanding the many factors that impact a patient’s health, a health coach can help their patients – your employees – create a personalized plan that is easy to follow while setting simple, achievable goals that suit their lifestyle.

This individualized approach to healthcare is powerful, and yields results. At Marathon Health, 58 percent of our customers’ employees are making progress toward their health goals with 99 percent patient satisfaction. Studies show that the empathetic connection that we build with our patients can ultimately improve their health thanks to increased engagement in their health, commitment to treatment, and learned self-management skills.

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 Communication is key

Whether a health coach is guiding a patient through tobacco cessation, nutrition, stress, illness, weight loss, or a chronic condition, it is important to understand why a behavior exists before changing it. As discussed in our earlier blog, “Why employees make unhealthy choices,” health coaches dig into their patient’s day-to-day routine to uncover the root cause of health so their care connects with their patient’s reality.

Download the white paper: Moving Beyond Medicine, uncovering, and addressing  the root cause of health

I became a nurse because I want to help people live their best, healthiest lives. I joined worksite healthcare to achieve that goal by shifting my focus beyond single episodic problems and into comprehensive, holistic care. As I wrote in my previous blog, “What’s it like to be a wellness nurse?” worksite healthcare providers bond with patients by understanding their unique needs, values, and preferences. It’s a simple equation that yields powerful results.

To learn more about how worksite healthcare can address your employees’ social determinants of health, read our latest white paper:

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