employee-health-screeningsBuilding a culture of health across your organization can be a daunting challenge. Before you can even begin to reduce the major health risks in your employee population, you have to identify them first. This involves finding methods to engage your employees to actively participate in their own healthcare.

A highly effective and low-cost first step toward a healthy culture is holding annual mass biometric screenings at your workplace. Employee health screenings are a great catalyst to get employees thinking about their health risks and health goals, and a cost-effective and simple way for your organization to identify and stratify the major health risks in the population. From there, you can target your efforts to reduce these risks, lower healthcare claims costs, and create a sustainable culture of health.

Why health screenings?

Holding a mass biometric screening event (especially when participation is tied to incentives) is the best way to meet your goals. Following the screening, the employee meets with the onsite health coach for a “teachable moment” to review their results, learn their risk factors and work with the coach to develop a lifestyle plan. This plan will act as a roadmap for short-term and long-term health improvement goals, and encourages employees to follow-up with their physician. If your company has a worksite health center, the screening is a great way to boost utilization and engagement, as well as a motivator for employees to take full advantage of the health education resources and wellness programs offered.

Biometric screenings, combined with the results from health risk assessments and existing health claims data, allows you to risk-stratify your overall employee population. This will help you to understand the most prevalent health risks in your organization and develop an effective plan to provide focused educational tools and support for these conditions, as well as make cultural changes in the workplace to help mitigate these risks.

A mass biometric screening can provide a number of financial benefits for your organization as well. The initial cost to hold a biometric screening (typically around $50-60 per participant) pays off big in the long run, with a substantial return on investment resulting from employees becoming more engaged and active in the health and wellness culture. Financial benefits for both your organization and your employees include fewer medical claims (especially costly specialist and emergency room visits), higher productivity, and reduced levels of absenteeism due to chronic health conditions.

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