healthy-workforceCreating a benefits package that promotes a positive culture in the workplace has become an increased priority among many organizations. As a result, more employers are finding greater employee satisfaction and retention.

Providing resources for personal health and wellbeing can play an important role in the culture and overall success of a company. Doing so will not only help to reduce costs associated with untreated health risks but will also help to nurture strong morale, productivity, and collaboration.

Ways to Nurture a Healthy Workforce

Offering convenient care and wellness opportunities can alleviate and prevent disruption associated with chronic conditions, health concerns, or injuries. This may include:

  • An onsite health center
  • Onsite programs
  • Employer-sponsored activities, or
  • Educational sessions focused on common areas of health such as stress management, weight management and nutrition, smoking cessation and sleep

Access to such resources will allow employees to take action in their own health and adapt appropriate lifestyle strategies for long-term wellbeing. In turn, employees will have the ability to bring their full focus and best effort to the job each day.

Bringing Your Organization Together

Team-focused challenges or activities surrounding wellness can further enhance a culture of health by providing a collaborative environment.

Organizing daily activities such as group walks or stretch breaks can provide an opportunity for individuals to connect outside of job duties, enhancing personal relationships and trust. Encouraging participation in community events including 5k races or charity walks can also help to promote teamwork outside of corporate walls.

Strategies for building a culture of health may differ by industry and organization. It is important for the employer to have a full understanding of the needs and goals of their employees in order to best establish a roadmap and resources necessary for success through regular audits and personal inquiry.

By doing so, wellness is naturally integrated into company values and operations. As such, employees are more likely to feel genuine admiration for these efforts resulting in greater engagement, satisfaction and retention ultimately creating a desirable place to work.

Download: Making the Business Case for a Healthy Workforce

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