FCO.jpgHow can employee health improve your company’s recruitment and retention? Take a look at a U.S. company that uses their onsite health center as a cost-saving and employee retention strategy.

Case Study: Health center engages the workforce, achieves results


CHG Healthcare has built their business on one ideal above all others: putting people first. While providing human resource staffing services to healthcare providers, CHG seeks to improve the lives of their people, customers, and community. Their tagline says it best: “People matter. Especially here.” These values resonate through their company culture and their comprehensive employee benefits package. Named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for nine years in a row, the Salt Lake City headquartered company strives and succeeds at building a healthy, happy workforce.

Growing Pains

Growth is good, yet not always graceful. Rather than growth feeling like those awkward pre-teen years, it can present an opportunity to reaffirm and assess your company’s mission and purpose. Remember CHG’s tagline? People matter. Especially here. The company sought a benefit offering to improve employee retention and attract top talent. Since the company’s culture is key to their talent strategy, managing the needs of their millennial workforce who perform in stressful sales positions was another driver behind exploring onsite healthcare.
Retaining Talent

CHG directly attributes their rise to #3 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work to the addition of their onsite health center. The new easy, accessible, and affordable health benefit was a hit with CHG’s workforce with nearly 100% rate of satisfaction.

“I rarely went to the doctor because I couldn't afford it. Now, I'm able to take care of myself and my family. Marathon Health is my very favorite benefit we have. A million thanks.”

Saving Money

Recruiting talent is expensive. With the addition of an onsite health center, companies may experience cost-savings through reduced employee turnover. Better yet? These companies see a direct reduction of their health insurance claim costs.

CHG Healthcare has saved $9.6M* since opening their onsite health center in 2012. How did they do it? Let’s dig in. Read our case study Attracting Top Talent to learn how onsite health, health coaching, and improved chronic condition management saved money and built a stronger, happier workforce.

*Actual gross claims savings when high cost claimants were removed

 Case Study Download: Attracting Top Talent



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