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Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds

Community giving is important, especially during the turbulent times that many are experiencing. Uncertainty has a way of bringing people together – now more than ever, we must focus on our communities. Those who need it most might be in our own backyard.

Marathon Health’s culture focuses on giving back and sparking inspiration for our ambassadors to be active members in their local communities. In the spirit of giving back, we’d like to shine a spotlight on one of our ambassadors who has done exactly that.

Let’s Recap – Our Emphasis on Patient Care and Experience


Our patients are always at the forefront of our minds. When the pandemic started earlier this year, we had to reimagine the patient experience, not only physically, but virtually too. First, we looked at how to keep patients feeling safe and comfortable at our health centers. We focused on patient engagement, communication, care accessibility, education, and outreach. While the pandemic is far from over, we have taken this opportunity to adjust our practices for the optimal patient experience – providing uninterrupted care. Catch up on some of our recent blogs that focus on exactly that:

Inside a Marathon Health Center – Emphasizing Safety and Comfort for Our Patients

Are patients delaying care? We are seeing a decline in appointments similar to national trends since the pandemic started. This might vary based on essential workers versus employees who are working remotely. Since April, appointments have been increasing as businesses reopen, but we are still seeing gaps in routine care such as blood work. Especially for patients with underlying chronic conditions, we believe that continuation of care is important to emphasize along with virtual health coaching visits.

Coronavirus Face Masks – What You Need to Know

As healthcare providers, we strongly recommend following CDC and local/state guidance as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the CDC, up to 80 percent of those infected with COVID-19 may have mild or no symptoms. If you are not wearing a face mask and don’t know you have COVID-19 because you are asymptomatic, you could give COVID-19 to someone who is at a higher risk of severe illness or death – including a friend or family member.

Patient Engagement – Our Commitment to Patient Care

As the trusted healthcare partner for more than 160 employers nationwide, when COVID hit, we needed to quickly adapt to meet these circumstances without disrupting the level of care our patients expect. We also needed to ensure that our customers were armed with relevant and up-to-date guidance to make informed decisions. Our goal has always been to guide patients and customers with empathy, science, and data.

A Breakdown of COVID-19 Testing: Science Meets Strategy

We recognize that COVID-19 testing can be a challenging topic to navigate as developments and messaging come to light. Let’s take some time to review the various testing types, the science behind these tests, along with limitations and strategies for utilizing testing effectively.

Protect Yourself and Others: Strategies to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

When protecting our families, communities, and workforces against the spread of COVID-19, it is important to consider implementing mitigation strategies. Utilizing tools and strategies, such as those found in our Return to Business Playbook, are crucial for returning to the workplace and civic life in a safe and responsible way. In last week’s blog, we touched on the importance of thoughtful communications and considerations for employees during this time. This week, we will be focusing on mitigation strategies to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.