Engagement, reporting, medication and lab services

Our total population health management program includes a number of ancillary services to supplement primary care, health coaching, and chronic condition coaching.


Ongoing promotion of clinic services occurs throughout the engagement with Marathon Health. We have preprinted, co-branded, and pre-templated employee communication material available. We provide the following tools and support: phone and mail outreach to at-risk participants, health fairs, Lunch and Learns, group workshop promotions, posters, flyers, and digital board signage. As part of our engagement strategy we also have developed incentives management with many of our customers. Incentive management can encompass a broad spectrum of services including incentive tracking and reporting.


We provide a comprehensive reporting package that includes monthly and annual reports showing: participation levels, encounters, diagnoses, prescriptions written and medications dispensed, value of care delivered, employees with chronic conditions at standard of care, employees with health risk and/or pre-disease, employees who have made progress toward health goals, excess cost associated with the risk profile, and savings associated with change to risk profile.

Medication Dispensing

As part of our Medical Home@Work solution, we offer a pre-packaged medication dispensing system in which Marathon Health onsite clinicians dispense your top 30-50 most frequently prescribed medications, as allowed by state law. This includes an ePrescribing application for electronic data entry of prescriptions and reported medications. Through this application we are able to ensure full drug utilization review and formulary compliance including maximizing use of generics.


Marathon Health clinicians can perform certain CLIA-waived tests at the onsite clinic including: Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Strep A, Mononucleosis, Urinalysis, Influenza Testing, Hemoglobin A1C and HCG. For non-CLIA waived tests or ancillary lab work we have established relationships with third party service providers.