Putting people first since 2005

Employees' health should never be at odds with employers' objectives.

"In working toward the primary goal of improving their health, employees will also experience less need for the overall system, less need for specialty care, less need for hospitalization, less need for emergent care, less need for urgent care," says Jerry Ford, Marathon Health's CEO. "And in doing so they will experience significant savings."

Tarrant_headshot_sepia_72.jpgIt was with this belief at heart that Richard E. Tarrant founded Marathon Health Inc. in 2005. His extensive healthcare experience included founding IDX Systems Corp. with his partner, Robert Hoehl. It became one of the nation's largest providers of IT solutions for healthcare and sold to GE Healthcare in 2006 for $1.2 billion.

Along with his knowledge and expertise, Tarrant brought with him to Marathon Health many long-term members of IDX's management, including Ford. Together, they built a team dedicated to the common objective of changing healthcare by improving health and lowering the overall cost of healthcare for employers.

"People often forget that wellness needs to be as much about the well as the unwell." -Jerry Ford

Thus, Marathon Health was founded to transform lives with healthcare that focuses on health and saving companies money by mitigating risk, improving outcomes for chronic conditions, and changing how their employees use the healthcare system.