Benefit from investing in healthcare

Since 2005, all of the passionate physicians, nurses, dietitians, specialists and staff members at Marathon Health have dedicated themselves to the singular goal of changing the way healthcare is delivered. Our motivation is simple: improve population health by identifying health risks and working with people, one-on-one, to help mitigate those risks. Because employers are often the gateway to healthcare within the U.S., we help develop healthy workers and decrease the cost of care in the process. The best way to keep people healthy is to keep them from getting sick in the first place.

Integrated healthcare for a healthy outlook

blood-pressureBased in Vermont, we operate clinics for employer organizations spread across nearly 40 states and within several industry verticals--manufacturing, professional services, finance, school districts, city and county government, and hospitals. What these employers seek is a solution that respects their most important asset: their employees. They are also looking for an innovative, sustainable way to curb their healthcare costs, not just by decreasing benefits or shifting costs. They want a model of care that helps their employees live healthier, more productive lives. And in the end, they want documentation that this approach is working with detailed business analytics to evaluate performance. It is for these reasons employers choose Marathon Health as their onsite health center partner.

At Marathon Health. we're leading a grassroots effort to change health and healthcare in this country. And the best news is that it is only going to benefit your business's bottom line. Studies have shown that the economic impact of our healthcare model goes far beyond cost savings. In fact, companies that put an emphasis on healthcare and maintain a healthier staff can actually perform better in the stock market.

To accomplish our vision, we combine services from our extensive offering into a program tailored to each company’s culture, setting and workforce. Watch below to see how we're different.